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Omaha RollerGirls

See the Omaha RollerGirls, Omaha’s premier roller derby team, in A NIGHT OF ROLLER DERBY!

Feature Game Omaha RollergirlsAAA Team with appearances by Omaha Junior Rolelr Derby and Big O Roller Bros

Saturday, August 31st at 6pm

Omaha Roller Girl logo Omaha Roller Girls Omaha Roller Girls Omaha Roller Girls
Koncrete Khaos Stunt Riders

The Koncrete Khaos Stunt Riders will be performing two free stunt shows at 1PM and 3PM on Labor Day.

DILLON BROTHERS MOTORSPORTS will be sponsoring the event with Boody's Garage as your host. Stunt riders Dan "Dizzle" Laird and his fiance Stevie Hart are Chicago natives who have been riding together professionally since 2004. Street bike freestyle is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the booming action sports industry. Having trust in their partner, Dan & Stevie perform extreme tandem tricks on a custom built 2004 Kawasaki 636 and 2008 Harley Davidson Nightster 1200 !!!

Make sure you check out the DILLON BROTHER stunt show featuring Koncrete Khaos September 1st in Lot D.

OPPD Respect Trailer

The OPPD Respect Trailer will be in the Labor Day Parade and at the event on Monday, September 1st until 5 pm.

respect trailer

A team of OPPD safety professionals and line technicians offers brief presentations that emphatically demonstrate the importance of electrical safety. The team uses its RESPECT safety trailer, equipped with an energized power line to:

*Show how a tree limb that contacts a power line can conduct electricity

*Demonstrate how a ladder, antenna, irrigation pope and other metal objects can conduct current

*Simulate digging into an underground line

*Shoe the results of animal contacts with electrical equipment

*Emphasize the importance of keeping a safe distance from power lines.

respect trailer team
Belgian Horses and Buggy
FREE buggy rides on Labor Day
Horse and Buggy
Visit Gross' Belgians website